Social Diversity for Children Foundation was founded with the hope of creating a supportive learning environment for children of all abilities - one that could be communicable and resounding for the children of today, tomorrow, and forever. Our mission is to provide quality educational and learning programs to empower children with disabilities from all socioeconomic backgrounds to become the world's future leaders.

What do our volunteers do?


All of SDC’s innovative and creative programs are created and run by our volunteer champions from actual programming to fundraising to sustain these programs.


Our volunteers seek to change the status quo on the methods used to interact with children with disabilities. By changing the method from its roots, our volunteers are able to connect with each child on a personal level and truly understand the needs of these children.


The people that choose to help champion SDC’s goals are immensely dedicated to our cause. Most volunteers give more than 50 hours per year to our organization and do it year over year.


We care about volunteers getting back as much as they give to our organization. Our volunteers actively engage in our learning opportunities to enhance both their personal and professional lives.



SDC was founded and is still run by a large and dedicated volunteer base. Without the selflessness of these youth, SDC would not be able to provide our programs to so many children while allowing them to accessible to children of whatever socioeconomic status. We love recognizing our top contributors!

SDC acknowledges both individuals and organizations for their contributions to the organization. Supporters’ contributions are calculated through a transparent point-based system and is designed to properly quantify all level of support and engagement for our organization. Honorary titles will be given to our supporters who reach a certain number of points and will have a chance at receiving a scholarship for their education.

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