Support Music Heals and Victoria music therapy programs by requesting or recording cover songs by donation. Your impact will be doubled, as the first $5,000 of any donations will be automatically matched by the campaign's giving engine, CHIMP! All artists will be entered to win a chance to play Rifflandia Festival, September 13-16 in Victoria, BC. More details at

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How it Works for Artists

Create a fundraising page.
Include your fundraising goal, minimum donation amount per song, and how many cover song requests you wish to grant.
Engage your fans!
Post your cover songs with a dedication to the donor on YouTube.
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About Us

The Music Heals Charitable Foundation raises money and awareness for music therapy in Canada. In 5 years they have donated over $1,000,000 to accredited music therapy programs across the country, serving children, seniors, palliative care, burn units, the autism spectrum, mental health, at-risk youth, dementia, bereavement, rehabilitation, and more.

Registered charity # 846495489 RR 0001

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