Is Your health Worth Two Minutes of Your Time?

Small changes can have a huge impact. Make one healthy change in your life through the Healthy Habit Charity Challenge, and benefit your community at the same time.

It couldn’t be easier to make a difference: set a goal, track your progress, and share it widely. You’ll be healthier, and your favourite charity can benefit from your success!

How It Works

The Healthy Habit Charity Challenge uses charitable pledges to help you reach your health goals, day after day.

  • Choose Your Challenge

    Make a commitment to exercise more or eat healthier. Make one change to improve your health.
  • Achieve Your Goals

    Tell your friends how much you’ll donate if you don’t reach a daily or weekly goal, and ask them to pledge you with a donation if you do.
  • Share the Good

    We set you up with your own healthy habit fundraising page, so that you can have some real impact in your community. Your page empowers you to rally your friends and family for support, share progress and raise money for any Canadian charity - or charities - of your choice.

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What's Your healthy Challenge?

Don't Go It Alone. We Can Help.

Our friends at Innovative Fitness have provided a free online tracking tool.

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